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The Nukana Story

As the newest source for premium, thoughtfully developed CBD products, Nukana reflects the values of its founders. We saw a need for a CBD company built on trust, quality and personalized service, and we drew on our backgrounds in marketing and health to make it happen.

We’ve seen firsthand the suffering of friends and family faced with chronic health issues, crippling depression and dangerous addictions. We know there has to be a better way – and this is it. At Nukana, we’re committed to working with growers we trust, responding to customer needs with innovative CBD products.

When quality isn’t enough…

Amazing products mean nothing if they aren’t backed by thoughtful, knowledgeable service support. That’s what makes Nukana different. Our team will always be available by phone or email to answer questions, so you can find the natural CBD solutions to fit your needs.

Through our quality oils, capsules and topicals, paired with unmatched customer education and compassionate service, we plan to change the future of how we treat ourselves.


Success stories from Nukana customers

Hear from real people, just like you, who discovered Nukana and found relief from common concerns and chronic health problems.

  • My name is Ali, and me and my husband Trevor have three labradors that we love like our children. Our oldest is 14 years old and his name is Buddy. Buddy spent his youth until about the age of 11 hiking the mountains in Big Bear City, California. He was a true athlete, and is still a great companion. Buddy was diagnosed with severe arthritis about two years ago and he was finding it hard to enjoy his time playing and going for walks with his two younger brothers. We decided to do what any pet owner does and took him to the vet for a prescription to help ease his aging pains. We were prescribed ketprofin, which he used for about a year and a half. We did noticed a difference with the prescriptions, but the side effects were starting to worry us, due to him being a senior dog. We started doing some research on other homeopathic medications and came across Nukana’s CBD oil and decided to give it a try. Buddy has reacted wonderfully to the treatment. He has maintained, if not gained more ability to go for walks, move freely around the house, and I have even noticed an improvement in his eagerness to get up and go without struggle and without the use of a harsh prescription. Buddy is on a regiment of a half size dropper of the Nukana 500mg, 30mL lemon blend, twice a day. We will be sticking with this throughout his life, and continue on with our other animals as well. We couldn’t be happier!!

  • "I just wanted to update you on the progress of my daughter since starting the CBD oil. Before starting the treatment she was in the middle of a 4 week long flare up with her Behcets. This included no school, no sports, steroids, oxycodone, emergency room visits and a trip to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. She was basically limited to bed and couch rest. She is ending her 6th week of the CBD treatment taking dropper 2x daily. She is back to school 4 days a week and attending basketball practice (limited participation). She has also been able to go to her Varsity basketball games 2x per week and her sisters middle school games 2x per week. She’s completely off steroids and oxycodone. She has been back to the cheerful and smiling self. After missing 4 weeks of school she began the treatment on a Monday and was back to school on Wednesday. I can’t thank you enough for helping us find relief for our daughter! We love your company and what it stands for. We have been informing others with autoimmune of the benefits. With the legal issues of our state we are selective of who we talk to about it. *My wife has also been taking it and is completely off of her Xanax!! Thank you again!"

    Shane Nukana Customer
  • "Love this product!!! It has helped in so many ways!!! It has helped  with stress and anxiety and also I sleep so much better now that I started taking the full spectrum!"

    Kela Nukana Customer

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