Differences Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

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There is a lot of confusion out there concerning hemp oil and CBD. Many companies are selling
Hemp oil to unsuspecting customers that think they are purchasing CBD Oil. Hemp Oil is derived
from the seeds of the hemp plant. CBD on the other hand comes from extracting the cannabinoids
from leaves, the resinous flowers, and the stalk of the plant. Hemp is from the cannabis family of plants
known as Sativa and the female plant in particular. The Sativa plant produces THC in levels less than
0.3%. To ensure you are getting the right thing, read the labels and COA for the product. This will tell
you how much CBD you are purchasing and how “clean” the product is from contaminants. They get a
little tricky with it so make sure you know how much CBD you are getting per serving size and the
amount of servings per container. For instance, if a package says it contains 100mg of CBD and it has
20 gummies in it, that means each gummy would contain 5mg of CBD.

NuKana’s philosophy is to provide our customers with the finest full-spectrum and isolates we can.
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