Nukana CBD Dog Treats for 4th of July

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Many consumers have turned to Nukana’s natural plant based dog treats. Nukana dog treats are much higher in CBD than most any other CBD dog treats on the market. Nukana CBD dog treats have 25mg of premium hemp extract in every treat. “We have found that the lower dose CBD treats do not provide the needed support for anxiety caused by fireworks.” says David Hall, CEO and founder of Nukana.

There are many different signs of stress to look out for. When dogs are stressed they may excessively lick their paws or nose, refuse food, pace or hide, or shake and pant even though it is not hot. It is important that you keep your dogs on leash around any potential loud noises or fireworks. Some dogs, however, will continue to be anxious even if they will remain at home. Luckily, Nukana provides a pure cannabis infused dog treat that can help calm your dog and keep them stress free this Independence Day.

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