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Have you been curious about CBD oil or tried hemp extract that is rich in Cannabidiol?

Nukana is Sioux City’s local source for premium quality CBD. Nukana started in Sioux City, IA in 2019. Since 2019 Nukana has provided premium CBD products to Midwest consumers.

Nukana is an Iowa licensed and certified CBD product line.

Our successful small company has a proven track record of customer satisfaction with a 5 Star rating on Google~~Woot Woot! We understand that many people may be confused about Hemp and CBD extract. “This is why we started this company; our vision is to provide the Midwest with a trusted brand of plant supplements that is far superior to other online CBD resellers.” David Hall, President of Nukana, LLC says. If you have been curious about CBD and what its benefits are, we are here to help. Please visit our website or email us at for answers to your questions about Nukana CBD.

What makes a quality CBD oil?

The best CBD oils come from the flowers of the hemp plant using a Co2 extraction process. Nukana uses only US regulated hemp in its products. Nukana CBD does not have a nasty after taste. You can be certain you are getting the best CBD oil when you purchase Nukana CBD. Our office is located in the Ho-Chunk Centre in Sioux City, Iowa. We are always happy to discuss healthy options when selecting a CBD product.

Is CBD safe to take with my other medications?

Always talk to your doctor or physician before taking any CBD product to be sure it will not counteract any other medication you are taking. Nukana CBD is a top brand because all of our CBD for sale is crafted from the finest grown Colorado hemp and is extracted using the industry-preferred, clean Co2 extraction process. All of Nukana CBD’s full-spectrum CBD oils contain beneficial terpenes, are packed with medium chain triglycerides, and contain less than 0.3% THC. We have a wide variety of topicals
and edibles for daily use. Now through December 31st all orders of $60 will receive a free 30 day bottle of our full spectrum CBD soft gels. Just add coupon code 30 days at check out. Visit our website today at

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