Hemp CBD Tier Dosage Guidelines:
2x Daily

Example 500mg Pet Tincture –
500/30 = (1 Full Dropper = 17mg)

Low Tier — 0.05 mg/lb

Average Tier — 0.125 mg/lb

Strong Tier — 0.25 mg/lb


Our unique hemp “centric” wellness products are hand crafted in Colorado from legally grown hemp that is regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The end product is safe, powerfully and very beneficial. It comes highly recommended by hundreds of the nation’s top veterinarian doctors who have found out that Hemp Extract can really improve the lives of dogs and cats in ways that no other natural supplement can.

Hemp for your Pet

Nukana Pet Products are a great way to get your pet to relax and is one of the best alternative forms of pain relief for pets! Dosage varies by the size of the pet & the condition you are treating.  Every dog/cat is different & will react uniquely to the Hemp Extract.

Start low and work up.

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