July 1, 2018


Life is waiting…”

Get back to where you want to be with Nukana – arriving summer 2018.

It’s time to take a new look at the way we take care of ourselves. To explore new resources, avenues and approaches to our wellbeing. As awareness and acceptance of alternative medicine grows, CBD company Nukana is joining the marketplace as a new source for relief from the mental and physical aches and pains of daily life.

And, just like overwhelming anxiety isn’t fleeting, life-altering pain isn’t just a passing ache, and chronic illness isn’t just an inconvenience, Nukana isn’t just another CBD Company. Our mission is to provide quality cannabidiol products that can be used for relief from a variety of common health issues, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Insomnia

As an alternative to opioids and other addictive medications, Nukana products are hemp-derived and natural, simple and effective. We source all of our products from established, well-respected facilities in Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon. We choose partners we trust and employees with extensive industry knowledge, so you can trust that you’re getting a superior CBD product.

Our Products

When Nukana’s website is launched this summer, the site will offer an extensive range of CBD oil products in topicals, capsules and tinctures.

Our Approach

It would be easy for a CBD company to decide that offering quality products is enough –that the rest is just details. But we like the details. At Nukana, we’re committed to setting ourselves apart not only through the effectiveness of our products, but also through the service behind them. Our web store makes shopping easy, and our team will always be available by phone or email to answer questions, ensuring every customer finds the products that fit their unique needs.

Our Story

Nukana reflects the values of its founders: two marketing professionals and alternative medicine enthusiasts who saw the need for a CBD company built on trust, quality and personalized service. We are socially conscious, unfailingly curious and open to new ideas, new methods and new ways of treating the whole person.

We’ve seen firsthand the suffering of friends and family faced with chronic health issues, crippling depression and dangerous addictions. We know there has to be a better way – and this is it.

Together, through premium products, customer education and compassionate service, we plan to change the future of how we view, treat and manage health. Are you in?


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