Night Time Softgels +CBN (Qty 4)




The Nukana PM Gel Caps include 5mg of CBN, another beneficial cannabinoid from the hemp plant. This often provides a mild relaxing feeling. Each capsule has 25 mg of hemp extract oil. The blend of terpenes in this product are developed to make the product more bio- active. They have a 12 month shelf life. BASE INGREDIENTS: Gelatin Soft Gel Capsule – Non vegan, gelatin based capsule. Fractionated Coconut MCT Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil + CBN – Source of cannabinoids & terpenes

BEST USES: Mostly used as a nightly supplement. The PM softgels have 5mg of CBN, this cannabinoid provides a mild relaxing effect. Take at least 30 minutes before rest.

Always consult a physician before taking any CBD product.


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Nukana CBD Softgels